Eric D. Wilkey, PhD


I am a cognitive neuroscientist focused on understanding how children learn and how disabilities may interfere with their educational goals. Currently, I'm an Assistant Professor in Cognitive & Brain Sciences in the Psychology Department at LSU. I also hold a position at the Center for Computation & Technology. I recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Brain and Mind Institute at Western University, working with Daniel Ansari alongside a wonderful group of scientists in the Numerical Cognition Lab.

Before I moved to Canada for my postdoc, I completed my PhD in Neuroscience with Gavin Price at Vanderbilt University, and an M.Ed. at Harvard University.

My research primarily focuses on the development of mathematical skills and the neurocognitive mechanisms that enable this type of cognition. Sometimes this means I am collaborating with intervention specialists to do school-based research about why some children are struggling to learn. Other times, this means that I am running a neuroimaging experiment with typically developing adults to understand the basic science of how a specific brain mechanism works. I also use techniques such as eye-tracking, structural brain imaging, and meta-analysis of behavioral and neuro-imaging data.

This webpage is a place to collect my research and connect with others who share similar goals. If you would like to learn more, connect with me, or collaborate, please get in touch using any of the various icons below.